Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Hello lovelies.

So today went well I think. I ate:
4 rice cakes = 120
shapers chocolate = 81
vegetable stir fry = 400?
2 x coffee = 10
3 x tea = 30
hot chocolate = 40

= 681.

I'm sure that's wrong somehow because I don't feel hungry. Argggg I'm always so scared I've messed up counting my calories. Even though I've been doing this so damn long I know how to add for gods sake. Wep :(
So the food side of things seems to be going okay? I've been well under 1000 the past 2 days. My goal is to get down to eating 500 a day. By next monday I will, definitely. Eat less and less each day.
Get smaller and smaller and smaller.

and disappear forever.

Goodnight everyone.

Rydw i'n caru ti, Kiki xx

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