Monday, 7 March 2011

Do you remember me?

Hello lovelies.

I'm back after another cheeky fling with recovery. I thought everything was fine and I was getting better, but then I weighed myself after 2 months of 'recovery' and saw a number I've never seen before and never want to see again: 175lbs.
175 fucking pounds of fucking fat.
I literally felt sick when I saw what a mess I'd become, so I decided to spend the whole night flirting with my old friend razor blade. It felt so good to punish myself for my gluttony, but I realised I can't carry on dealing with failures like this. I need to deal with them by doing something about them.
So here I am again, asking for your forgiveness, apologising for my disappearance, hoping you'll welcome me back into this circle. I've missed you all so much - I'm back now for good, I promise.

I've decided to call this not a new start, but a new ending. I've had too many new starts and they've all ended in failure. This is my new ending, the beautiful ending I'm creating for myself. A beautiful, thin ending.
Now I'm fully settled back into uni life after my placement (placement = place of evil wherein I gained 10lbs) I figure, what better way to step towards my new, beautiful ending than with the ABC diet.

Week 1500500300400100200300
Week 2400500Fast150200400350
Week 3250200Fast200100Fast300
Week 425020015010050100200
Week 5200300800Fast250350450
Week 6Fast500450400350300250
Week 7200200250200300200150
Week 8FastABC ends.

I'm starting tomorrow with 500 cals. Does anyone want to join me? I've never done it before but I'm really excited to get back on track.

I missed you all so much, did I mention that? Hope you've all been okay and you'll have me back :)

I'll post again in a few days pinkie promise :)

Rydw i'n caru ti, Kiki xx


  1. I'll join you! I haven't done abc before either. Welcome back! I like the sound of a new ending

  2. I'll join you...I'm actually fasting for a few days first and than I will do the ABC diet.

  3. hi i'll join you :) just failed ABC, used to be 9st (UGGHHHHHHH) and when't down to 6 1/2 st :) but then i gain all my weight back and more due to interfering perfect looking friends now enormous :(